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In 1949, a boll weevil infestation decimated the local cotton crop, which made the clothing needs of families and children in Madison County incredibly salient to our founder, Milton Cummings of Cummings Research Park fame. He started CCYR simply with a clothing outreach program, but over 70 years later CCYR continues to provide for Madison County through its clothing program in addition to several other services described in greater detail below. These services are provided at no cost to those we serve, which is why we need your help!

CCYR provides clothing and other necessities to school age children through our Mobile Closet with visits to area schools providing clothing, school supplies, and hygiene items directly to students. Additionally, we serve entire family needs for clothing through our warehouse. Our furniture program provides home essentials (beds, dressers, mattresses, etc) for those in need. We work closely with Madison County, Huntsville City, and other local entities to ensure that no household goes without these basic living essentials. Next, we provide medical equipment through our Waste Not program to those most in need and least likely to be able to obtain these items through other means. Again, we work with local healthcare providers to supply these items to Madison County residents who are in desperate need of a wheelchair, hospital bed, or other need. And of course, CCYR provides toys & gifts during the holidays to help ensure all children and families get to experience the magic of the season. Can you help us continue to provide for Madison County residents by pledging to donate monthly?

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