Mobile Closet

The Story of CCYR’s Mobile Closet

CCYR searched for ways to provide for children unable to visit CCYR’s Clothing Program directly with a parent or guardian. To address this challenge, the Mobile Closet was born. The Mobile Closet is a trailer towed by a pickup truck with a re-designed interior to accommodate a variety of children’s clothing, sorted by size and stocked in pink and blue labeled, clear, sealed, storage bins. Age appropriate hygiene products are stocked as well, such as toothbrushes, deodorant, and feminine hygiene products, which are kept towards the back of the closet to afford privacy.

In addition to the job responsibilities, public school teachers are becoming social service providers. Students arrive at school every day, ill-equipped to participate due to hunger, insufficient rest, lack of basic hygiene products and clothing which does not fit, in disrepair or not weather appropriate. CCYR’s Mobile Closet is one of the critical social service programs partnering with public schools. This program is designed to relieve the burden on public schools, by providing not only needed items but one-on-one connection with students, which we believe helps to build confidence and self-worth, resulting in more effective and positive classroom participants.